Health and Nutrition

Children have different nutritional needs to adults and as their bodies develop, these needs change. It is extremely important that the diets of young children are planned to be age appropriate to ensure they have the fuel to reach their potential. 

Having a tasty, varied and nutritional diet from the outset helps develop a child’s palate, creating healthy habits that will last a life time. 

What makes up a healthy diet? 

  • The more colour the better – fruit and vegetables are low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals and fibre
  • Fuel for growth - diets rich in calcium, protein and iron support growth, brain development, and healthy bones and teeth
  • Leave out the salt and sugar – There is enough of these naturally occurring in foods. Too much can cause high blood pressure, kidney failure and dehydration in young children.
  • Super snacks – Children require more regular meals than adults. Regular snacks and fruit support energy levels and concentration.
  • You choose? - Choice allows children to experience different foods and develop a varied taste palate.

Nutritional science - how do we plan our menus?

Watch this short video as Louise and Julieta discuss the nutrition science goes into our menus.