Meals and Groceries

We deliver freshly prepared meals and groceries for children of all ages. This includes nutritionally planned breakfasts, snacks, lunch and evening tea.

Because we cater specifically for young children our meals are specially planned to be age appropriate. Menus for different age groups are designed to ensure all children have the right energy and nutrients to support their growth, development and learning. We use specialist chopping equipment to ensure that fruit and vegetables are cut into certain shapes to reduce the risk of choking.

Because all of the skilled planning and preparation takes place in our professional nursery kitchen our meals are simple to cook and do not require a dedicated chef or cook. We even pack away our deliveries so that Early Years Educators are not distracted from the children in their care.

We are skilled and experienced in supporting nurseries with all specialist dietary, nutritional or religious requirements.

Cleaning & Healthcare Supplies

We understand that the full time operation of a nursery can be a messy business. We supply and deliver a whole range of nursery cleaning and healthcare supplies. Our simple online ordering system ensures vital cleaning and healthcare supplies are delivered at a moment’s notice.

Our supplies are chosen to be kind to expensive nursery furniture. All products are tested on the leading ranges of nursery furniture to ensure that they clean properly but do not dissolve the surface of high quality tables and chairs.


Most nurseries use domestic laundry equipment which simply isn’t up to the heavy regular use needed to keep laundry clean and fresh. Regular breakdowns and replacements are costly and a major distraction for the nursery team.

We supply a full range of laundry which is delivered fresh and clean twice a week.

Out of Hours Delivery

To ensure that Nursery Educators and Teachers are not distracted from the children in the care we deliver out of hours. Our delivery team will pack away all meals, groceries, cleaning supplies and laundry. This means that the nursery team are free from distraction during the day, ensuring staff ratios are easily maintained.

All of our Delivery Team are DBS checked, fully insured and follow strict procedures.


Because we are specialists in nursery support services we can employ much greater economies of scale than an individual nursery or even a group. Nurseries can benefit from the quality and efficiency of this specialisation and almost always reduce costs.


  • Reduce staffing costs for cooking, ordering and packing away (focus your team on what they do best)
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce equipment and maintenance costs
  • Reduce storage requirements

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